Collaboration with DesignTex featured in Interior Design


This year, GlitchTextiles™ designer, Phillip David Stearns, collaborated with DesignTex to create a algorithmically generated design for their soon-to-be release 5x5 Collection for the 25th anniversary of the Crypton line of fabrics.

The project–which features work by Kapitza, Ellie Malin, Phillip David Stearns, Elizabeth Atterbury, and Arturo Guerrero–received coverage on Interior Design.

BitDrift, the design created by Phillip David Stearns, is both organic and digital. The effect was achieved using custom code that performs pixel sorting using thousands of virtual “ant-like” agents, effectively shuffling the pixels in unpredictable ways. The features that emerge are the result of complex interactions happening between many agents executing simple rules.

Phillip StearnsComment