Kickstarter Launch: Computational Textiles


I'm please to announce the launch of a new project on Kickstarter: Computational Textiles

Computational Textiles is a project devoted to materializing digital designs made with code and generative processes. The vision is to integrate visual design, structure, and texture into an elegant material expression of algorithmic processes.

The campaign's backer rewards include zipper pouches, shoulder totes, pillows, blankets and bulk fabric and custom artwork featuring designs from the 2012 Kickstarter Launch of GlitchTextiles as well as new fabrics from part of a new and developing line of materials for home decor and interior design applications.

Funds generated from the campaign will support production and development in the United States at PureCountry Weavers and further work with the TextielLab in the Netherlands.

Please show your support with a pledge and repost to your social media networks!

Heartfelt Thanks,


Phillip David Stearns

GlitchTextiles Founder

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